Take a look at the new MA song….

Yes folks… that is what our new song looks like….but you’ll have to wait til the new year to hear it. Sorry, I’m a tease I know! All I can say is it gets stuck in your head and it has a killer hook! Working Title “Double Feature”

We are recording, we are mixing, we are doing all we can to get this baby done and out! 2011!

Along with all this Drew has been working hard on his Chopin Premiere this coming Friday and Victoria has writing and when not writing has been playing with Cee Lo Green’s song Fuck You (this is her  form of procrastination)… here is her vocal version that she made on garage band! ( yes, it’s lily-white, but she had a heap of fun working out the harmony’s).

Other news, our awesome backup singers THE PINK RIBBONS also had a EP launch last weekend, As Drew put it so eloquently “They had their Cocks and Clams out” Charming. Check em LIVE here

What else? Oh on Friday night Victoria was told that her vocal for the WHO magazine was approved by Pete Townsend himself….and it was the very 1st female vocal Pete had EVER approved! Dave McCormack  did point out that Pete Townsend was being handed a cheque for $150K at the time. Still, that’s a pretty cool story heh?

All is well on the Music of MA front.  Stay tuned – more to come in the next few months.


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