Who are they?

MA is singer Victoria White and composer Drew Crawford – vocal-driven,
lush-textured, electro-acoustic, experimental pop.

Since the release of MA’s debut album Across the City and into Your Room, a
sense of momentum has been building around this unique Sydney group.
Critically acclaimed upon its release, the album made the yearly Top Ten
lists of two Sydney reviewers, and received four and five-star write-ups in
top entertainment publications.

Independently written, recorded and released, Across The City And Into Your
Room has been described as Bjork or Goldfrapp with an antipodean twist.

Time Out Sydney
(5 out of 6 stars)
“MA (pronounced mah) is Sydney-based duo Drew Crawford and Victoria White,
who have crafted a highly textured, lush album drawing on Crawford’s work on
scores for major Australian theatre companies. His classical training shines
through to create a subtle, delicate and original listen, complemented by
sublime vocals from White, both heartfelt and raucous.

SMH – Metro Section
(4 out of 5 stars)
A chilled out debut from this Australian duo, fusing composer Drew
Crawford’s experimental pop sounds with the delectable voice of Victoria
White. To say she sounds like Bjork would be a lazy comparison. To say she
sounds like a lazy Bjork would be pretty accurate. That’s not a criticism:
the fragile beauty of White’s vocals remain a tease without strangling the
songs, preferring to let the warm beats slide around underneath. Orchestral
moments are beautifully arranged on an album dripping with relaxed melody.


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